April 12, 2021


Lesson Outline

On this post you will find the lesson outline for the course Photographing For Success, Independence and Income.

Once per month course material will be released to you.  All course information that you see listed here will be listed in the navigation, and will become “clickable” at the appropriate time.

We’ve chosen to release our information in increments for several reasons.

First, information can quickly become overwhelming. By releasing it in increments, you’ll have time to work through each section, and apply the data as you learn it.

Second, in many cases you have to have certain things in place before you proceed with others. You have to have a logo design before you use it to develop brochures and your website. By releasing data in order, we’re assuming you’ve worked each piece, and are ready to move on.

And lastly, this is a coaching program that helps you develop your business. You can’t develop a healthy, successful business in a day, or even a week. We divide it into 6 parts to help you establish your business over a reasonable amount of time. It can be done, and we look forward to taking you through each level.

How To Start Your Photo Business – Month One

  • Choosing your photography focus
  • Choosing a business name that helps you grow
  • Setting up your business model
  • Home studio or commercial location? Which is right for you
  • All the equipment you truly need to get started
  • The most important tool to start business with – this may surprise you!

Developing The Five Figure Photographer Mindset – Month One

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • How an entrepreneur is different than an employee mindset
  • Key characteristics you have to have
  • Planning for entrepreneurship
  • Taking action to build towards success

Finding All The Clients You’ll Ever Need – Month Two

  • How to find your pool of potential clients
  • How to expand your pool beyond your local area, to anywhere in the world
  • How to determine what type of photography is best for you
  • How to sell what you do in many different ways, including online resources such as Facebook and Twitter
  • How to continue building your studio as large as you desire

Marketing 101 – Month Three

  • What are the most important marketing tools to have right now
  • Where to spend money – and where to cut back
  • The quickest way to develop your portfolio
  • Packaging your products and services for the best prices
  • Keeping in touch with your potential customers and referral sources
  • Developing easy, no-fail tools to make marketing easy

Action Packed Strategy – Month Three

  • Step By Step Marketing Calendar

Advanced Marketing – Month Three

  • How to automate a ton of your daily marketing tasks.
  • Using traditional and online marketing methods together for dynamic results.
  • Building up your referral business.
  • Easy ways to get others to sell for you.
  • Niching your business for even more profits.

Bringing Your Photo Studio Online – Month Four

  • How to design the perfect website that attracts customers (Hint: It doesn’t mean copying what 80 percent of all photographers are doing today.)
  • Using some of the most well known “free tools” like Facebook and Twitter
  • How to automate everything you do
  • What customers are really searching for when they head to Google
  • Building a web presence that gives searchers exactly what they are looking for

Photography Skills – Month Five

  • Easy ways to improve your photography skills fast
  • Becoming more comfortable with your camera equipment
  • Tips and strategies for choosing locations
  • How to choose natural props
  • How to work in any lighting situation

Action Packed Strategy – Month Five

  • Top 10 Posing Guide

Money Making Strategies – Month Six

  • Developing a calendar and goal list to keep clients always coming in
  • Creating the perfect referral network
  • Shoot it once, get paid again and again
  • Adding on the extras for extra profit
  • Campaigns that are easy to follow and easy to implement