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Discover the Hidden Secrets to Creating a New Revenue Stream From Skills and Knowledge You Already Have - Five Figure Photographer

Discover the Hidden Secrets to Creating a New Revenue Stream From Skills and Knowledge You Already Have

Let entrepreneur and professional photographer Lori Osterberg share her insider secrets on how you can create a Five Figure business from something you know and love … THIS YEAR!

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Join today and get powerful information in a step by step format that will quickly help you realize your potential of becoming a paid professional photographer.

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From the Desks of Lori Osterberg and Andrew Osterberg
Wednesday, 10:13am

Dear Photographer,

Since we first started coaching and helping other photographers fulfill their dreams of becoming a successful photographer almost seven years ago, our number one goal has been to provide top quality business advice. There are tons of websites and resources to make you a better photographer; yet very few sites stick to solid business advice week after week, month after month.

Over the years, we’ve heard from many people asking the same thing:

“Lori, HOW did you move from amateur to professional status? Can I really do this just to bring in a little extra income right now while I learn the tricks of the trade?”

“How did you move from the job mentality to the entrepreneur mentality and make your photography business succeed?”

“My dream is to give up this non-fulfilling job I hate, and do my photography full time. I need to know how you made it work and if it’s still possible today.”

Now, what I’m going to share is different than anything you’ve read before … but its actually very real and attainable for you to get into the business of photography in today’s marketplace. It can make your life happier, your goals and dreams more realistic, and give you the freedom to pull away from your current “job” as much or as little as you like.

Are you currently a:

Full time employee: You likely work 40+ hours per week. You may be facing budget cuts and pink slips, worrying if you’ll actually have a job tomorrow.

Part time employee: You have a job to get you by and maybe bring in a little extra income. Yet after factoring in how much time you spend at it and how much you really make, you’re faced with the question of wondering if this is truly worth it.

Looking for work: You’ve already faced the pink slip after spending years giving your all to the boss. With hundreds of applications out there for every job you look at, you’re wondering what’s next.

Stay at home mom or dad: You haven’t made much money in the past few years. You’ve enjoyed being at home with the kids. But times are different now. Maybe your spouse is worried about his/her job. Maybe you want something more. You’re looking for a way to grow your income. And enjoy what you do while you earn that income too.

Yes? Then you’re reading the right letter because I’m here to help YOU. Whether you’ve been dreaming of a photography business for a few days, a few months, or even a few years, NOW is your time to make it happen!

When we first started out in this business, we did what a lot of other photographers still do today. We both worked full-time and spent nights and weekends shooting with friends and attending classes to improve our photography. Then Andrew lost three jobs in three years due to corporate downsizing. I watched my father re-interview for his 30-year existing position year after year, waiting for the day he would turn 55 and retire. That day never came … he passed away three months before his 55th birthday. But we learned a very valuable lesson through all of that turmoil.

We learned security comes from creating the life you choose. So we decided to start up our own photography business, and we’ve never looked back.

We grew quickly. We managed our success by creating step-by-step systems that could help us keep everything on track. We achieved a Six Figure income level in less than two years. And we kept growing from there.

To us, our systems meant we could keep growing without having to worry about how to handle all of the business coming in. We didn’t look at ourselves as photographers; we looked at ourselves as entrepreneurs in the photography field. (That’s a distinction many photographers never make, and it’s the one thing that holds them back from moving from a starving mindset to a successful one. We’ll talk about that in Five Figure Photographer.)

And consider this, the content here is the same system we used to grow our own photography business …  and you won’t learn it in this format from anyone else.

Here’s what we learned: Without a step by step plan to make your business succeed, your chances of success are miniscule at best – especially in the short run, when you need it to succeed the most!

We’ve realized many get stuck in the job mentality and don’t understand simple small business ideas

They fear marketing and sales

They fear charging what they truly are worth

They put all of their time and energy into taking pictures

They ignore the most important tasks that keep them from success

It doesn’t have to be that way

The sooner you change your mentality towards bringing in income with your photography business, the quicker you’ll actually start bringing in income with your photography business.

It’s that simple.

Our program will quickly walk you through the steps to launch, market and grow your own photography business. You’ll discover …

How To Start Your Photo Business

Still contemplating the business? We’ll give you the steps necessary to turn your ideas into a business model. We’ll cover:

Choosing a business name that helps you grow

Setting up your business model

Home studio or commercial location? Which is right for you

All the equipment you truly need to get started

The most important tool to start business with – this may surprise you!

Developing The Five Figure Photographer Mindset

What it takes to be an entrepreneur

How an entrepreneur is different than an employee mindset

Key characteristics you have to have

Planning for entrepreneurship

Taking action to build towards success

Finding All The Clients You’ll Ever Need

There is an art to finding clients. We’ll show you how to find a huge pool of clients, and how to keep them happy. We’ll cover:

How to find your pool of potential clients

How to expand your pool beyond your local area, to anywhere in the world

How to determine what type of photography is best for you

How to sell what you do in many different ways, including online resources such as Facebook and Twitter

How to continue building your studio as large as you desire

Marketing 101

If you’ve never owned your own business before, marketing may be new to you. We’ll show you why marketing will be second only to your photography in importance to growing the business … and lifestyle … you truly desire. We’ll cover:

What are the most important marketing tools to have right now

Where to spend money – and where to cut back

The quickest way to develop your portfolio

Packaging your products and services for the best prices

Keeping in touch with your potential customers and referral sources

Developing easy, no-fail tools to make marketing easy

Advanced Marketing

Marketing isn’t something you do once and reap the rewards forever. It’s something you must work at every day to keep your business thriving and growing. But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. We’ll cover:

How to automate a ton of your daily marketing tasks.

Using traditional and online marketing methods together for dynamic results.

Building up your referral business.

Easy ways to get others to sell for you.

Niching your business for even more profits.

Bringing Your Photo Studio Online

Yes, every photography business needs to have a website. But most photographers approach the online community all wrong. We’ll cover:

How to design the perfect website that attracts customers (Hint: It doesn’t mean copying what 80 percent of all photographers are doing today.)

Using some of the most well known “free tools” like Facebook and Twitter

How to automate everything you do

What customers are really searching for when they head to Google

Building a web presence that gives searchers exactly what they are looking for

Photography Skills

Sure you’re passionate about your photography. But do you have what it takes to shoot every day, producing quality images that people will love to buy? We’ll cover:

Easy ways to improve your photography skills fast

Becoming more comfortable with your camera equipment

Tips and strategies for choosing locations

How to choose natural props

How to work in any lighting situation

Money Making Strategies

You have the passion. You have the skills. Now how are you going to make money? This is the one area where most photographers struggle. We’ll cover:

Developing a 12 month calendar to keep clients always coming in

Creating the perfect referral network

Shoot it once, get paid again and again

Adding on the extras for extra profit

Campaigns that are easy to follow and easy to implement

Plus much, much more!

Important: Lori’s Personal Guarantee!

“If you’re not 100% satisfied with my Five Figure Photographer Program after giving it a try, contact us directly to let us know within 30 days of purchase. We’ll give you a full refund; no reason necessary

And that’s my promise!”



Now you have the option:

Live Life Doing What You’ve Always Done.
Or Live Life The Way YOU Are Meant To!

Now that you know what you can expect in terms of high value content from Five Figure Photographer, here’s a little more about what you’ll get seconds after you order below.

You get the complete 6 month program I’ve outlined above. Each month you will receive high quality content that:

Provides you with a templated model you can instantly apply, and begin reaping the rewards very quickly

Shows you how to put together a dynamic plan that will start bringing in clients immediately

Reveals tips that will help your business grow month after month, for as long as you choose to stay in business

Illustrates how to become even better doing what you love … and helps your potential clients see the difference as well

Plus provides tools and resources that will help you grow your business not just in your local community, but literally anywhere in the world?

In addition to each of the modules listed above, I’m also including two extra modules you’re going to love. Marketing is such an in-depth concept, I ’ve devoted two modules to it. Honestly it is a lifetime skill. But even if you don’t want to be a marketing pro, there are things you can do in a systematic way that will ensure you are on the road to success. So after we talk marketing, I won’t just give you the overview and let you go. You’ll also receive my:

Bonus 1:

Step By Step Marketing Calendar

I’ve put together a calendar system to run my business, and have been using it for years to help me keep my business on track. It provides me with tips and strategies to organize and put together each month. I can’t imagine running my business without it. You’ll receive a peek into my calendar system. I’ll show you what I do, how I organize it, and give you the step-by-step plan to put your own calendar system into place.

I know business strategy is important. But its nothing if you don’t capture beautiful images that make your clients want to buy. When we talk about how to take better pictures, you also receive my:

Bonus 2:

Top Ten Posing Guide

I’ve asked many start up business owners what they need the most. And every time “help with posing” comes up at the top of the list. You’ll also receive our Top Ten Posing Guide, which will show you exactly how to pose your clients in easy ways sure to please. You’ll learn the techniques that make set up a snap, instant tips on how to build a better rapport with every client you photograph. Every time you snap the shutter using one of these strategies, you’ll know you have an instant best seller on our hands.

And while I understand that much of my Five Figure Photographer can be learned in a hands-on, step-by-step fashion, occasionally its also important to have the ability to gain insight from someone who’s “been there, done that”. If you are quick at signing up, you’ll also receive my:

It’s all there.

We’ve given you EVERYTHING you need to learn what to do and how to get started.

Now you have NO excuse not to turn your dream of making money with your photography into a reality!

Just 6 payments of $30 USD and Full Lifetime Access

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To Your Success,

Lori and Andrew Osterberg
Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches
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